Hot Orchestrion – International Music Fusion Workshops

12. 7. 2019 17.00 - 16.00


An opportunity missed is returning with vengeance!

Do you dream of becoming a travelling circus musician? Do you want to tame a cobra with your flute and make it dance? Are you sick of it all and are seriously considering selling your soul to the devil to play the violin like Paganini – or alternatively, picking it up for the first time and making it sing with the help of a mentor? Do you consider yourself too old to learn to play in a orchestra, meaning too old to have fun? Or has  perhaps the memory of a bad experience from music school killed your desire to play and enjoy the merry company of fellow musicians? If so, then click here for more details on music and take advanced music lessons from experts.

Sorry, but no more excuses, an opportunity is on the horizon!

The workshop will open up a space for music education and fellowship and is intended for all, irrespective of musical skill, age, gender, skin colour, political affiliation, sexual orientation or creed.

The lessons in fun will take place in small groups .

Bring your toys (brass, woodwind and string instruments etc.), while we will also provide some.

Securing order, peace and quiet will be Eva Jurgec, Klemen Bračko, Uroš Jezdić and Žiga Fabbro, while you applications and potential queries are being collected by Manca Biber at, via +386 1 434 55 77 or +386 30 765 009 .


You are warmly invited to join us if you take your fun seriously!



The international music workshops are being organised as part of the the 100th anniversary of the first Waldorf school. The wish is to bring together – socially, intergenerationally and internationally – participants with various backgrounds and use the language that we all share – the language of music.


Workshop participants will be divided into groups to come together in the end as a whole (an orchestra performance) and thus demonstrate the importance of each individual in the harmony and creativity of a group.


Thus we invite you who are:

  • Waldorf teachers – a part of the seminar will be dedicated to Waldorf teachers along with general seminar participants, equipping you with knowledge you will be able to use in the classroom – Workshop specifics: forming an orchestra based on the profile of the participants (different skill levels) –  making musical arrangements – using teaching principles
  • Professional musicians – for those who are ready to expand their horizon and dive into folk music and other genres
  • Music lovers – irrespective of the profile and skill level


Participants will be made part of one of the following orchestras:

  • Pro orchestra – active musicians, music teachers, music academy students and those attending secondary music school or have finished at least 8 years of music school (minimum number of participants: 15)
  • Semi-pro orchestra – those who finished at least four years of music school
  • Rookies – those who have been playing an instrument for at least six months
  • Tabula rasa – complete beginners (minimum number of participants: 10)


Working principles: Group improvisation – Sheet – Folk – Playing from memory


The final programme will be drawn up on the basis of the number and profiles of the participants. The draft plan includes classical pieces, world music pieces,  and a jazz standard.


Additional activities: dances from around the world



Eva Jurgec – art and programme director for flute, workshop for Waldorf teachers

Klemen Bračko – violin, improvisation, workshop for Waldorf teachers, orchestral playing

Uroš Jezdić – authentic Balkan folk music

Žiga Fabbro – basics of jazz


Contact: Manca Biber –, ++386 1 434 55 77 or ++386 30 765 009.

Application form also available on International Music Fusion Workshops: Hot Orchestrion


Application deadline: 3rd July 2019


Registration fee 400 EUR includes:

  • 29 music classes/workshops – including everyday individual work with a mentor,
  • dance workshops,
  • jam sessions,
  • performances,
  • the possibility to arrange your accommodation in the Waldorf School of Ljubljana
  • and a few surprises.

Possibility of group discounts (registration fee: 270 EUR per person* & some changes in the program).

If you wish to attend, but the fee is too high for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution (e.g. changes in the program, so the fee can be lower,…)!


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